Yomoyama editorial department asked the members participating in YOMOYAMA “What is your favorite anime or manga”!

Slam dunk

■favorite scene or story
When Hanamichi started to play basketball seriously

Demon slayer

■favorite scene or story
I love the scene where the protagonist works together with his sister.

Detective Conan

■favorite scene or story
I think I like episode 10 the most because it contains a lot of horror murder scene and clever tricks

One punch man

Nothing!Not because I don’t watch anime or manga.

one piece

■favorite scene or story
I like Sanji’s character. Recently, I’m worried that it has become a gag character a little, but I still feel the stylish charm.

Dragon Ball, NANA
But I don’t know much about anime and manga …

My current favourite would be “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, also called “Demon Slayer” in English.

■favorite scene or story
The scene when both Nezuko and Tanjiro defy all odds and unlock new powers to save each other from a demon was really overwhelming. The animation was impeccable, the new abilities of both the protagonists was very thrilling and the spirits of their mother and father who encouraged them to wake up and save their sibling made it really heart-rending.

How was it? If you have favorite anime or manga, please comment!