We hear the word “gender” more and more in the news.

In this article, we discussed with international students who are living (or have lived) in Japan about their perceptions of gender through their lives in Japan.
At YOMOYAMA, we would like to deepen our understanding of gender by discussing and getting to know each other’s thoughts.


I am Patrick from Shanghai, China. I graduated from Hosei university business administration in 2020. During the pandemic, I had a tough time searching for jobs but I was lucky enough to be finally accepted by a venture alcohol retailing company and now I am working as a business developer in it. What is “business development”? To put it simply, it means to create a business from scratch, to be a pioneer in businesses if you will. During business developments, we encountered a lot of problems, and usually nobody around who could teach us, because we were always doing something new. Be fearless and resourceful is my key to solve these problems. If you are interested in what I do and what my company does, please check out KURAND.

Kriti from india

an oddball lost on the path of life.

Follow me on tumblr: krackdwalnut

Do Hoang Anh

My name is Anh. I come from Vietnam. I am currently studying at Kyoto University and major in Chemical Engineering. I fell in love with the natural beauty of Japan and want to explore the off-the-beaten spots as well as Japanese unique culture. My passion is to write and spread the beauty of Japan to audiences all over the world.

Hisato Tsuboi

Name: HISATO TSUBOI Country: JAPAN It happened that I had an international student as an intern at a consulting company, and I started to want to do something with the international students who are coming to Japan. At YOMOYAMA, I am involved as an editor. Favourite thing to do: Soccer,football

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We would like to continue discussing this topic in order to get as close as possible to gender equality.

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